Grade A Labradorite Stone Plugs




Double flares. Natural Labradorite stone


These plugs have an amazing color pattern to them in the right angle of the light NOTICE: This batch has a lot of flash but does not have a lot of blue selections.
Each and every plug will be 100% different.
We do our best to provide you a matching set but not guaranteed.
These are hand made This is a completely natural stone.
Its almost impossible to find an identical pair.
The colors are not present in the stone, its the light that brings the colors out Each plug will have small cracks & dents.
This is a not a design flaw, its just the natural texture of the plug.
If you would like to see a picture of pair you will be sent please don’t hesitate to email customer service.

10mm length for 0g-1″

9mm length for 28mm.
29mm, 32mm

8mm length for 35mm

7mm length for 38mm

Sold as pairs

Additional information


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